LID – Barcelona Educational Leadership Centre is a team of professionals from the world of education committed to developing educational leadership skills from a collaborative approach to improve learning. We build bridges between research, policy and knowledge of practice by creating leadership communities and networks for learning.

We work creating alliances between leading local and international professionals and academics, promoting the transfer of knowledge and successful practices that give us greater impact in improving educational practice at the different levels of the educational system. LID Barcelona has the support of the Escola Pia de Catalunya and works with the UCL-IOE – London Institute of Education.


Anna Jolonch Anglada. Directress

Anna holds a doctorate in Educational Sciences from the University of Paris VIII, is a professor at the Faculty of Education of the UB and an associate professor of the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership of the London Institute of Education. Directress of LID Barcelona, Educational Leadership Centre. She has extensive experience leading teams and projects in consulting, development and educational research in Spain and abroad. She was the Scientific Director of the first edition of the EduCaixa Learning Leadership Programme in alliance with the UCL CEL (IOE) and is currently part of the UCL team..

She has previously held various management responsibilities in the governmental and non-governmental educational field, with extensive experience as a pedagogue and researcher in the field of education. She has worked for various universities and organisations, including the Innovative Learning Environments Programme of the OECD, which resulted in two books and the Leadership for 21st Century Learning report, of which she is co-author and co-editor. She is the author of several books and articles. Her trajectory is defined by building bridges between educational research and practice.

Glòria Fajula. Facilitator

Head of the People Management Department at the Escola Pia de Catalunya, teacher and former director of Escola Pia Balmes in Barcelona. Facilitator of the EduCaixa-UCL “Leadership for Learning” programme and in the “Management team training” programme of the Escola Pia Catalunya.

Elisabet Moreras. LID Barcelona coordinator

Pedagogue in the Pedagogy and Innovation Area of the Escola Pia de Catalunya, with experience in formal education, social sector, in free time, adult training, team facilitator and educational innovation. She studies how learning is more meaningful if it is in community.


Joan Carles Berrocal. Facilitator

Deputy director of the Projecte School in Barcelona (director for 18 years). UB Professor. Trainer on Leadership and support for management teams in the Komtü project of the Nous Cims Foundation. Leadership Tools webinar at the Mashav Carmel Training Centre. He has received leadership training at The London Centre for Leadership in Learning UCL, UB, UPC and ESADE. Facilitator of the EduCaixa-UCL Leadership for Learning Programme.

Núria Vallduriola. Facilitador

Director of the Pedralbes Institute. She works with different universities as well as the Institut Obert de Catalunya (IOC). She has held managerial responsibilities in schools, secondary schools, educational services and also in educational administration. She is a facilitator of the Educaixa-UCL Leadership for Learning Programme.

Carmina Pinya. Facilitador

Executive Secretary of the Superior Council for Evaluation of the Educational System. Teacher and pedagogue of infant, primary and secondary education. She has worked in different schools and secondary schools, in a CRP in the ICE of Barcelona Autonomous University, in the Magnet programme and has participated in directing the Maresme-Vallès Oriental territorial services. She co-authored the leadership in Catalonia study within the framework of the OECD Innovative Learning Environments project. She is a facilitator of the EduCaixa-UCL Leadership for Learning programme.

“Leadership for learning implies that we ALL be leaders: teams, teachers and students”. Louise Stoll


  • High-quality courses and training for leadership development at the different levels of the educational system.

  • Research, consulting and professional development programmes to promote educational improvement.

  • Accompaniment, induction programmes and mentoring in educational centres for new educational leaders who take on managerial responsibility

  • Structured and collaborative evaluation and research projects in educational centres, programmes or networks with the purpose of promoting an evidence-based pedagogy to achieve changes for students.

  • Generate spaces for discussion and dissemination of research and successful management practices. Events that include webinars, research seminars, conferences, programmes, short courses and tailored consultancies.

  • Creation of networks of schools and teaching leaders who work as “professional learning communities” in order to improve educational results for all students.


To transform education through educational leadership so that all people can have the best opportunities to learn and contribute to a better future.


To be a reference in training and research in educational leadership to improve learning: training, enhancing the prestige and strengthening the role of educational teams and the creation of leadership networks.


  • To LEAD professional development and learning
  • To INNOVATE to transform and improve learning
  • To DEVELOP leadership and networks of leaders

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+34 659 73 84 06
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